Nine Worlds Studios is a newly founded game development studio under the roof of Kalypso Media Group. Our experienced founding team is based in Munich, Germany, where we work on internationally renowned IPs, and create fresh and innovative titles for Consoles and PC. We are looking for developers with a good sense of team spirit and a high quality standard, to create great games for players worldwide.


We live in REALITY: Without collaborative teamwork, we are unable to deliver on the games we work on. Therefore, we are trustful, respectful, and supportive to achieve things together. We like to work in a structured, sustainable but also pragmatic and efficient way.

We know how to use our POWERS: With the players in mind, we evolute our creativity to deliver high quality products. Balancing the power of passion and focus helps us deliver on our goals.

We like to discover the UNKOWNS: Through an autonomous and transparent way of working, we discover new ways to realize our visions. By being curios about what lies in front of us, we are always at the cutting edge of design and technology.


We are excited to work on the next Tropico, and we will be working on more strategy, roleplay, and adventure titles in the future.

Our team members worked on games like Far Cry Classic, Police Simulator - Patrol Officers and Angry Birds Epic for studios and publishers like Ubisoft, Rovio, Wargaming and others. Now, we are committed to create high-quality AA games in collaboration with our parent company and publisher, Kalypso Media.

We bring our games to life with the Unreal Engine 5.


We are dedicated to creating AA quality games with a strong core. We build magnificent worlds and comprehensive games. By combining our excitement for new tools, continuous adaption of our workflows and love for new technology, we steadily improve the way to use our skills and time.

The studio adapted a hybrid work-from-home | onsite model. While we believe that creativity and discussing ideas is boosted when working together in our office, we also acknowledge the positive effects on the personal live and business results when working from home.



Everyone is provided with free drinks and fruit in the office as well as an ergonomic workplace including a comfy chair and height adjustable tables. We value your private life and do our best to allow for a good work-life balance.


We support you and your family. We offer flextime, a hybrid work-from-home | onsite model and parental leave (German rules apply). Finally, we don't care about your religion, gender or sexual orientation - only skill, passion and teamwork matter! In turn, we expect the same open mindset from you.


You get exclusive offers from different online stores and the possibility to lease a bike at discounted rates. In addition, we subsidise your commuting cost. And finally, we pay your lunch! (Up to 6€ per day).


With ~12 public holidays during workdays in Germany, and 26 to 30 vacation days, you can enjoy up to 42 days off work to charge your batteries, go on vacation or spend valuable time with your beloved ones. Additionally, we offer flexible working times and regular company social events.


We provide you with high-end hardware incl. 27" screens and a proven toolstack to minimize annoying waiting times, so that you can concentrate on the important things instead of staring at progress bars.


Senior Unreal Engine Technical Artist (f/m/d)
Munich, Germany
Regular Unreal Engine Technical Artist (f/m/d)
Munich, Germany
Senior Unreal Engine Programmer (f/m/d)
Munich, Germany
Regular Unreal Engine Programmer (f/m/d)
Munich, Germany


We're always on the lookout for good people. So, if you think you fit in and want to join us on our journey to discover the unknowns, please get in touch!

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